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View of The Cullins mountain range seen from  Ullinish

Sights close to the chalet

Experience an island of incredible landscapes, rich in history and culture

From the centrally placed chalet, you will have easy access to all sights and attractions on Isle of Skye.

Here are some suggestions for things to see and trips to take. Both the Trotternish Loop and Waternish peninsula are highly popular.

For a less crowded tour, you should try the Broadford to Elgol road.

Compared to the western part, the eastern part of the island, is stil covered in forests, which you an experience, if you head down the southern Sleat peninsula to experince Aird of Sleat.

Both the Fairy Pools and all the waterfalls and hills of The Cuillins are close by and make for excellent hiking trips, where you can let out your inner mountain climber.

Nevertheless, we also have our local attractions, or you might want to play some golf with

Places to eat: Undoubtedly all that sightseeing makes you hungry but don’t worry – here’s a list of good places to eat from solid pub grup to the world famous Three chimneys retaurant or Michelin starred Edinbane Lodge.

Additionally we’re both local Sgiathanach (person from Skye) and know a place or two, that’s not in the guidebooks. So just ask us for a good spot to check out.

Map over attractions of Isle of Skye with The Causeway acoomodation centrally located

Local attractions

Dun beag Broch

Dun Beag Broch

3 min. drive / 40 minute walk from The Causeway
A short walk from the chalet you’ll find a well preserved broch ruin (Atlantic roundhouse) dating back to the iron age and some of the first settlers on Skye. Undoubtedly one of the most well preserved an accessable brochs around. From here you’ll have a 360 degree view of Skye and can see both The Cuillins and The MacLeod Tables mountains. Highly recommended.

Gesto Bay Viewpoint overlooking Loch Braccadale and Loch Harport

Gesto Bay Viewpoint

2 minute drive / 30 minute walk from The Causeway
Just up the road from the chalet you have a complete outlook on the Gesto bay, and the wonderful Ardtreck Point Lighthouse. Looking back you see down Loch Beag, where the chalet is located. Take the walk just before sundown and without doubt you’ll get some truly incredible views from here. Or you can enjoy a slightly different perspective, but equally beautiful sundown right from the terrace at the chalet.

Tallisker distillery

Tallisker Distillery

20 minute drive from the Causeway
Jsut down the road you find the town of Carbost with the oldest working distillery on Skye. Established in 1830, Tallisker is set on the shores of Loch Harport. Enjoy a good whisky and stunning views. Tours, tastings and a giftshop.

Also perfect for a day out to the Fairy Pools or walking in The Cuillins Hills.

Trotternish loop sights

The Trotternish Loop on the Isle of Skye is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a captivating blend of dramatic landscapes, unique geological formations, and breathtaking vistas.

The main road follows the coastline, but you really should take a trip on the narrow, winding road that runs from Staffin to Uig, which climbs to the top of the Trotternish ridge and runs across the high Trotternish plateau (#8 on map) before finally dropping back down to the sea again.

Start from Portree to get the best looks of the Stoor and the Quiraing. A lot of the sights along the route offer some of the best Scottish highland hiking available – so you could end up spending days here :).

Map of the Trotternish Loop on Isle of skye

1: Portree

Portree harbour in sunset

20 minute drive from The Causeway
The capital town of Skye has a natural harbour and open perspective, and is a pleasant village which offers visitors a fine range of local services, tours and shopping options. It has a well assorted Co-op that’ll be perfect to stock up on snacks, before the Loop. A nice meal at one of the picturesque harbour sea-food restaurants is a pleasant way to end the day on the Trotternish Loop.

2: Bride’s Veil Falls

Bride's Veil Falls

30 minute drive from The Causeway
Just outside Portree nestled amidst lush greenery, the Bride’s Veil Falls create a picturesque scene, resembling a bridal veil gently swaying in the Highland breeze. Another great spot where you can get a pretty good photo with both the falls and the Old Man Stoor in the background.

3: Old Man Stoor

Old Man Stoor

40 minute drive from The Causeway
One of the most iconic natural landmarks on Skye, the Old Man Stoor is a tall pinnacle of rock that stands amidst the Trotternish Ridge. As seen on the image, this is among one of the best Scottish highland hikes which takes you through enchanting woodlands and rewards you with awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape.

4: Lealt Falls

45 minute drive from The Causeway
This is a hidden gem that captivates with its sheer beauty. 3 falls cascading gracefully down rugged cliffs. Easy to access with a newly built car park with several viewpoints as you progress down the gorge. You’re guaranteed some nice views with both the fall and the rugged coastline of Skye as backdrop.

5: The Brother’s Point

The Brother's Point

50 minute drive from The Causeway
Stand on the easternmost point of Trotternish and get a truly breathtaking view of the coastline. It’s a short walk on a good path down to the shore. Walking out to the end of the point is on a steep path above vertical drops. A round trip will take about 45-60 minutes.

6: Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls

Kilt Rock and Meal Falls on Isle of Skye

55 minute drive from The Causeway
Kilt Rock is a 90 meter tall cliff that resembles the pleats of a kilt, and nearby, 55 meters high Mealt Falls cascades dramatically into the sea below. This viewpoint offers a spectacular sight, combining the grandeur of the cliff with the thundering sound of the waterfall. You can get very close to the edge of the cliff and see the water pour down into the sea.

7: An Corran Beach

An Corran Beach and dinosaur footprints

60+ minute drive from The Causeway
This is the place where dinosaurs up to 10 meters in length roamed and called it home millions of years ago. A family of Ornithopods, herbivorous creatures who walked on two legs, left their footprints here on the rocks. Only visible at low tide, so time it right. Or visit the nearby Staffin Museum displaying fossils and dinosaur footprints.

8: Quiraing

Quiraing hills on Isle of Skye

70 minute drive from The Causeway
A geological marvel, Quiraing is a landslip on the eastern face of Meall na Suiramach. The landscape here is otherworldly, with towering cliffs, pinnacles, and plateaus. It’s a fantastic spot for hiking, allowing you to immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Skye’s nature. Experienced hikers can enjoy the 2-3 day complete hill circuit, passing the Prison, Needle and other features before climbing back to return above the escarpment. For this, start at the car park at the summit of the minor road between Staffin and Uig.

9: Duntulm Castle

Duntulm Castle

60-70 minute drive from The Causeway
The historic ruins of Duntulm Castle rest on a clifftop with panoramic views of the sea. A Scottish Heritage site, this fortress is a coastal landmark long held by Clan MacDonald and said to be haunted by several ghosts.

10: Kilmuir Cemetery

Kilmuir Cemetery

60 minute drive from The Causeway
A quick stop for the Scottish history buffs. In this cemetary lies the grave of Flora MacDonald, a Jacobite heroine. 

In 1746, she helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to Skye after the Jacobites lost the Battle of Culloden. 

11: Skye Museum of Island Life

Skye Museum of Island Life

60 minute drive from The Causeway
A short walk from the cemetary is the Skye Museum of Island Life which showcases what Highland life was like 100 years ago. The museum has a collection of historic thatched roof cottages with full interiors and a smithy. Get the background on crofting and much, much more.

12: Iron age Souterrain

Iron age Souterrain

60 minute drive from The Causeway
Another Scottish Heritage site this Iron Age Soutterain (underground passage) is 20 meters long and about 1.5 meters wide. Suppossedly used for storing food and open to go explore. Nearby are the remains of an Iron Age farm thought to be associated with the builders of the souterrain.

13: The Fairy Glen

Fairy Glenn on Isle of Skye

50 minute drive from The Causeway
Often described as a miniature landscape, Fairy Glen is a charming valley with grassy hills, conical mounds, and meandering streams. The place has an enchanting aura, and you can easily understand why people believed fairies lived here (and still do). The steep crag overlooking the Fairy Glen is called Castle Ewan (because it looks like a castle) and is made of basalt.

Waternish peninsula map with attractions pinpointed

Waternish and Duirinish peninsula sights

Dunvegan Castle

1: Dunvegan Castle

20mins drive from the Causeway
Since the 13th century home to Clan MacLeod and is today the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland, with tours, gardens and boat-trips to a seal colony. Many priceless clan artefacts on display and fascinating exhibits, gardens, craft shops, restaurant and wildlife cruises, Dunvegan Castle is a rewarding stop on any journey.

Coral Beach, isle of Skye

2: Coral Beach

30-40mins drive from the Causeway
Hidden-away beach with views of sea birds & seals, colorful surf & walks to an island at low tide. Famous for it’s corals, that make the beach glimmer like silver in sunlight. Easily reached via a short 15 minute walk on a easy path, but beware of the notorious potholes at the carpark.

Best visited early, as parking can get very difficult at peak hours.

Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Ksye

3+4: Neist Point Lighthouse & Cliffs

45-60 minutes from The Causeway
A must see! An iconic destination, with stunning cliff scenery, a fine lighthouse, an outlook to the Outer Hebrides, and the chance to watch for minke whales in the summer months.

This is the most western point of Skye and must rank as one of the best places imaginable from which to watch the sunset.

Fairy Pools and Cuillin Hills

1: Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools Isle of Skye

60+ minute drive from The Causeway
The enchanting Fairy Pools, often dubbed ‘magical,’ are a series of crystal-clear, blue-green pools fed by cascading waterfalls from the Cuillin Mountains. A well laid-out footpath takes you up the hill along all the pools and the more adventurous take a swim in them. The road here is mainly one-lane with passing places and can get pretty crowded at all times, as this is one of the major must-see, wild nature attractions on Skye. Paid parking. Pack a picnic and make this a 1 day trip.

2: The Cuillin Hills

The Cuillins

The Cuillins are a majestic mountain range renowned for their rugged peaks and challenging hiking trails. Dominated by the Black Cuillin and the Red Cuillin, these dramatic mountains offer breathtaking vistas, rock climbing, and outdoor exploration. You’ll find countless hiking trails from easy going to full on mountain climbing. If you want to see them from afar, go up to The Dun Beag Broch or Ullnish, just a mile away from the Causeway.

Map showing sights along the Bradford to Elgol road

Broadford to Elgol road

Torrin Pools, Isle of Skye

1: Torrin Pools

60 minutes from The Causeway
A bit of a hidden gem on Skye, like Fairy Pools in miniature and without the crowds. Be aware that this is not an easily accessible spot for less able folks but definitely an interesting wee walk for anyone else. From here you can also get truly breathtaking views of Loch Slapin and Bla Bheinn.

Dun Ringill

2: Dun ringill

70 minutes from The Causeway
Three miles before you arrive at Elgol is Kilmarie. Two walks are possible from here. It’s only a mile down to the sea to the ruins of Dun Ringill, traditionally the stronghold of the Mackinnons, which you can reach by an ornamental bridge near Kilmarie House. For a longer walk, drive through the village and leave your vehicle at the car park on the left-hand side of the road. Go over the stile on the right of the road and take the footpath made by the Royal Engineers in 1968. The return journey from here to Camasunary and back is 6.5 miles (3.5 to 4 hours).

Loch Scavaig at Elogol on Isle of Skye

3 Elgol & Elgol Beach

80 minutes from The Causeway
On the shores of Loch Scavaig you find the scattered hamlets of Elgol. The drive down here goes through the Red Cuillins and gives you stunning views of mountains and lochs. You can take a boat from here across Loch Scavaig into Loch Coruisk – a glacial loch around 2 miles long. Also a lot of hikes go into both the red and black Cuillins.

Sleat peninsula attractions

1: Sligachan Old Bridge

20 minutes from The Causeway
The Old Bridge of Sligachan is shrouded in the legend of the week-long fight between Scáthach and Cú Chulainn, whose massive battle sculpted the landscape surrounding the bridge. Scáthach’s daughter, distraught by the fight, cried her tears in the river under the bridge, thus awakening the interest from the faeries. The faeries promised to reveal to her how stop the fight, if only she would dip her head below the surface of the water for 7 seconds to discover how she could stop the violence. So she did and got the solution to stop the fight. And that’s why it is said that you should dip your head for 7 seconds in the water to obtain eternal beauty. Beware – this is Scotland, the water is always ice cold 😉

2: Kylerhea Otter Haven

70 minutes from The Causeway
A easy 3 km walk though the forest until you reach the wood cabin otter hide, from where you can watch the otters in the sea. Kylerhea is the name of the narrow sound between southeastern Skye and the mainland, a low rocky coastline, providing a perfect habitat for otters. Since this is a less travelled place, you’ll find peace an tranquillity here – just as the otters do.  

Torabhaig distillery

3: Torabhaig distillery

60 minutes from The Causeway
The Distillery at Torabhaig is the second ever licenced whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye. A newly restauration present the centuries old building and it’s copper stills in all their splendor. From here you’ll have magnificent coastal and mountain range views of the mainland. Tours, tasting, gifts and a really good cafe make this a good stop when touring the south peninsula.

4: Caisteal Chamuis – Knock Castle

60 minutes from The Causeway
Adjacent to Torabhaig Distillery, Caisteal Chamuis is also known as Knock Castle, located just off the main Broadford road on the way to Armadale. Only ruins are left of this old MacDonald stronghold, but it is said to be haunted by a ‘Green Lady’. Some of the stone was removed in 1825 to build Knock Farm. Perched atop a hill, it overlooks scenic landscapes and the azure waters of the Sound of Sleat.

Armadale Castle and Garden

5: Armadale Castle, Gardens & Museum

70 minutes from The Causeway
The ruins of Armadale Castle, a historic gem on the Isle of Skye, stands as a testament to Scotland’s rich heritage. Surrounded by lush gardens and picturesque landscapes, it offers a glimpse into the island’s past. Once the seat of the Macdonalds of Sleat, part of the mighty Clan Donald. Many of the imported trees in the garden are more than 100 years old and stand as a testament to what was considered modern gardening back in the late 1800’s.

Sandy beach at Camas Daraich on the track to point of Seat

6: Aird of Sleat & Point of Sleat

70-80 minutes from The Causeway
The southern most town of Sleat peninsula from where you can take a walk to the southern most Point of Sleat. The walk takes round-trip between 2.5 to 4 hours depending on if you take the detour down to the beach. The fantastic white sand beach at Camas Daraich, is worth stopping at for a spot of lunch or even a swim. Continuing on to the point, where there is a modern lighthouse and some fantastic views out to the small isles of Rum, Canna and Eig. The car park is located at the very end of a single track road, 4.3miles from Armadale, a 10 minute drive. This is a medium difficult walk with lots of up- and downhill walking. Also to enjoy the beach, you must consider the tide, as high tide = no beach.

Places to eat

The Old Inn in Carbost

A 20 min drive will take you to The Old Inn in Carbost where they serve really good pub grub. From there you can visit the Talisker distillery, The Fairy pools, Talisker beach or just call in after a trek up the Cuillins.

Slighachan Hotel

Situated right next to the Sligachan Old Bridge and just 25 minutes down the road from the Causeway, the Sligachan Hotel has good pub grub and a restaurant.

The Old School Restaurant

Going on a trip to Waternish takes you past the The Old School Restaurant, where booking is always advisable.

The Misty Isle and The Dunvegan

Also on the way to Waternich you have the The Misty Isle for a quick meal or take away and The Dunvegan restaurant, which also has local seafood. Both are good after a visit to Dunvegan Castle.

The Stein Inn

Carry on and turn right at The Dunvegan, this will take you on the road to Portree. Three miles further on is the road to Waternish, take a left there to The Stein Inn they serve lunches and dinners.

The Edinbane Inn

Otherwise carry on, on the road to Portree, 6 miles farther on from that turning is the village of Edinbane where the Edibane Inn have very good lunches and dinners.

The Edinbane Lodge

This village also has the Michelin starred restaurant The Edinbane Lodge, where bookings are essential.

Three Chimneys Restaurant

The World famous Three Chimneys Restaurant is a half hour drive from the chalet, up the road towards Neist point Lighthouse. Booking is essential!


Portree has many restaurants and places to eat.

Play some golf

Isle of Skye Golf Club

Holes: 9 Yardage: 4677 SSS: 64. Seaside 9 hole course laid out with 18 tees which means that most holes have a different approach and length second time around, giving an 18 hole feel to the course.